HARD TALK: Return Of Jones As Delta APC Chairman Will Spell Doom For The Party


It is now necessary to highlight on the above topic since plans to conduct either affirmative or full blown congresses is ongoing.

As a matter of fact, Delta APC from inception had suffered complete disunity and been in disarray. The Party in the State has known no harmony from the beginning. Without doubt, it is quite difficult to win elections under the atmosphere of disunity and lack of harmony and this has been the stake of Delta APC. Despite Federal myth and powers considering our President transparent nature, we will be making a grievous mistake to restrain our party in the State to the divisive hands of Jones.

I will be bold enough to tell you that under the Chairmanship of Prophet Jones Erue, the party suffered uncontrollable indiscipline and disunity and Jones is not border about it, rather he makes money out of the problems of Delta APC by politically trading on them.

In politics, one is re – elected in position if he or she have performed well, even in the midst of problems, sort out for solutions of uniting the party as one big family. Jones fail in that direction and he should be treated as such.

As it stand now, Delta APC need a vibrant Chairman with ultimate focus. A man with integrity and trust, somebody that will unite the Party, empower and encourage party members to succeed, be around during elections, have a voice in securing our votes and surely lead Delta APC to victory in 2019. Prophet Jones is not that type of person. As long as the selfish interests of Jones are satisfied, he careless about winning an election and what befall the party and its candidates.

Jones claimed he has Abuja connections but have not used it effectively for the over all interest of the party in Delta State to unite it, secure reasonable appointment for Delta APC members and strategically position the party in the State in national politicking. Rather, he was busy making a lot of money from aspirants and party leaders. He is now exercising his Abuja connections by seeking for re – election through back doors to the detriment of the party and its members across the State.

Apart from his antecedents and show of no concern in uniting and moving the party forward, he still fall victim of the following sin:

1. Jones has not been able to account for over N50m sales of chairmanship and councillors forms at the last council election.

2. He abandoned the last council election and travel abroad, withholding the money for flag off donated by some leaders and aspirants.

3. He abandon and desert the State Party Secretariat while he hold meetings in his house at Port – Harcourt. APC Secretariat is an eyesore, we all are aware.

4. Up till now, he owed six months outstanding salaries to Secretariat Workers while money have been long ago sent to offset the bills. Jones used the money for self aggrandizement.

5. Jones is serousily transacting and partnering with Okowa and PDP current government. This is to mention but few evil of Jones as Delta State Chairman of our Party.

It is on the above backdrops that I urging our leaders, mostly Abuja based ones not listen to Jones or feel his tears to return him rather let him face election to know his popularity and acceptability among the members of APC in Delta State. The Party in the State will not move forward under the watch of Jones. This, he has proven, so let’s the leaders jettison any consideration or imposition of Jones on Delta APC.

Mike Okolo writes in from Delta State.


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