PHOTONEWS: 2019: Ithihikpebe Campaign Organization Inaugurates Committee For Joel Onowakpo Thomas (JOT)


The Ithihikpebe Campaign Organization headed by its Director General, (DG), Mr. Ambrose Okuhor, on Monday inaugurated a committee for the actualization of her principal, Mr. Joel-Onowakpo Thomas’s (JOT), political ambition to represent the Isoko federal constituency, in the house of representatives come 2019 under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress, (APC).

The inauguration which took place at the headquarters of Ithihikpebe Campaign Organization, Emede, Isoko South local government area of the state, has Deputy Director Generals and other positions to oversee the Isoko South and Isoko North local government areas of the state for Joel-Onowakpo Thomas.

Wednesday, Joel-Onowakpo Thomas, was declared the APC house of Representatives candidate for the Isoko federal constituency in the 2019 general elections.


  1. Ex Even in diaspora we have a clear vision of the needs of our people in both North and South Isoko Local Govt Area. It stands out that we can’t have had a better team than yours. You have the energy , the ambition, the vision and the willingness to shoulder our demands to the federal level. We are behind you and your team and God will surely lead you through.


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